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Radeče Papir nova d.o.o.

From the Fund of Funds SID Bank financed the circular economy project Renovation of the existing treatment plant of the company Radeče Papir nova d.o.o.

Financing green projects and circular economy projects are one of SID Bank's key priorities, as they have the potential to improve competitiveness, promote sustainable economic growth, protect the environment and create new jobs.

In SID bank we place great emphasis on projects that enable the transition of Slovenian companies to more circular and sustainable business models.

In May 2021 we financed the company Radeče Papir Nova d.o.o., to invest in the renovation of the existing treatment plant. With the renovation of the treatment plant, where a different wastewater treatment process is introduced, which works on the concept of ozonation, we are very close to the concept of circular economy, as it is estimated that we could return up to approx. 80 % of waste (sludge) is returned to production, which means 1,040 tons per year.

By financing sustainable and green projects, SID Bank is consolidating its mission of promoting a green and circular economy for the sustainable development of Slovenia.

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22. November 2021

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